Safety Information

Bouncing castles / slides / obstacle course & other games are a great safe way to entertain children at family and community events. However as with all childrens activities they must be used safely and in accordance with simple rules which will ensure you get the best fun from the event with no injury worries.

From the initial enquiry we will try to provide you with the best advice and equipment through to the delivery and setup and give you guidelines for the safe operation of same.

1: Choose equipment suitable for the age group and abilities of the users.

2: Choose your site carefully, Bouncing castles etc are best put on clean grassed areas and be in a place where you can see the castle at all times.

3: The inflatable MUST be secured to the ground to ensure it can’t move Do Not move it once its been installed. If you don’t have grass tell us in advance and we will try and find another solution for you.

4: Access to power will be required from a 13amp socket. Try and ensure that this is as near as possible to the site we will provide leads which must left plugged in while the inflatable is in operation. Avoid a tripping hazzard with leads.

5: When you start operating be sure that all kids remove their shoes, glasses and any other object that could cause injury should they fall. Make sure that you leave enough space on the unit so that kids have room to move about without bumping into each other.

6: Separate bigger kids from smaller ones and let them take turns on the inflatable.

6B: No Food or drinks should be allowed on the unit, make sure the kids don’t have sweets or lollypops which would cause choking if they fall.

7: Adults or persons over the age of 14 should not be on childrens equipment and under no circumstances should those with alcohol taken be allowed on.

8: Most importantly the use of the unit should always be supervised by a responsible adult

If the weather changes and you are unsure of what to do. Take the kids off the unit and unplug it from the mains and call us for advice. *Inflatables should not be operated in very windy weather. If you get rain showers simply dry off the unit and its ready for use again.

While these guidelines try to cover the main areas around safety they are not exhaustive and in all cases common sense should prevail, if your in any doubt stop operating the unit and call us for advice. Have Fun!

*  “In the event of winds exceeding 38km/h (Force 5 Beaufort Scale), the unit should be deflated immediately and then re inflated once the winds subside. Beaufort Scale description = Fresh Breeze – Small trees in leaf begin to sway”