Gameshow Challenge


Our fully interactive gameshow challenge event combines an exciting quiz format as well as highly entertaining prize rounds based on some of televisions favorite gameshow formats. If you enjoyed shows such as Who wants to be a Millionaire, Catch Phrase, Familly Fortune Trivia Fued and the Trivia Board,Deal or no Deal then this is the entertainment for you. Each table is given awireless interactive keypad with which to answer the  multiple choice questions with all scores being kept instantly on the integrated computer system. All questions are displayed on the giant 1.8m screen and included are a complete ‘gameshow challenge’ set, podiums, lighting, PA system, sound effects, 5 prize rounds with props and novelty prizes and interactive keypads for up to 20 tables (additional keypads are available by prior arrangement) Between each round of questions tables are invited to answer a qualifying questions on a ‘fastest finger first‘ basis with the fastest correct answers sending a team member up to the front to play one of our prize rounds. Suitable for Corporate events and Teambuilding this exciting and fun Gameshow can also be used to entertain large groups for fundraising and for schools & college events. Ideal in Hotels or halls Gameshow Challenge will be tailor made to your interests. Its so versatile you can bring it anywhere all over Ireland & the UK The whole event is run and managed by our lively professional host and support crew and is completely self contained with its own sound system, set and lighting. Gameshow Challenge runs for approx 2 hrs and is a great evenings team entertainment