Jumping Jockeys


Jumping Jockey’s is an exciting new interactive Horse Race -where the speed of reaction control the outcome of the race.

At the beginning of each race six jockeys will be nominated. Plus 6 trainers as an option

At the parade ring the Compere will introduce the Jockeys to the audience, who then choose a jockey to back .

The Compere will call the Jockeys to order and the race begins

The Jockeys will be supported by their trainers whose job it is to beat the them on the rump to make them go faster (with a Big Balloon!)

On each jockeys pad one of the four buttons will illuminate, at that point the jockey will strike the button as fast as they can.

The buttons will continue to illuminate one at a time until a jockey moves their horse to the winning post – but beware if you strike the wrong button or try to cheat-you are locked out for a a short time

Winner is first past the post!


Can be used as alternative to Race Night as a fundraiser or Team Building or simply just for fun